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re: ‘rin isn’t angsty anymore now in s2’




tl;dr ver: um, no, shut the fuck up?

long ver: um, no, shut the fuck up and listen.

though if you wanted, you could have easily got that info via wikipedia — but you don’t want to, because for some ungodly reasons i can’t understand you hate rin matsuoka.

quick summary of what’s been happening, rin’s pov: if he hasn’t been born, his father would make his dreams come true, his parents would be happy, but he was born and it killed his father, ergo he is at fault, in some sort; he decides to make his father’s dream come true himself, but he’s not good enough no matter how he tries; he meets an amazing person with an outstanding talent but they turn out not to care about it and waste it; in order to pursue that dream, he goes to another country, which costs a lot of money and is probably hard as fuck for his mother who is a widow of a fisherman, then, even though he tries his best, he doesn’t make any progress, not to mention he doesn’t have friends thanks to language barrier; then he comes back, races haru and the boy from a small town who’s been training in a stupid swimmig club can easily beat him, who’s been training in australia, ergo no matter what he does, he’s still worse than haru; he spends three years convinced haru finds him a nuisance and a burden, doesn’t care for him and wants to get rid of him, who also gathers his friends and finds a new relay member to show rin how they don’t need him and how good they’re doing without him, have i missed something? ah yes, just when he’s started to get used to it, his captain takes him off the relay because his form isn’t the best not even a day before he competition. ah, and he humiliates himself in front of more than hundred of people and probably even some radio or tv station.

but yeah, tell me how he was a pissbaby and an angsty teenager who throws a fit when there’s something they don’t like. tell me how nitori is an angel to him, how everyone, especially haru, is so lovely and nice towards him, which he ignores and hurts them because he’s a schadenfreude like that. sure, go on.

just, i don’t know, i thought this series is mainly viewed by teenagers and young adults, who should know that life can kick your ass, but apparently i’m mistaken and anyone who isn’t makoto ‘Sainty McAngel’ tachibana deserves to be beaten up and learn where their place is.

carry on and continue hating on depressed children, fuckers.

"continue hating on depressed children" okay

People are aware of the struggles Rin went through, because the show pointed them out. The thing is that even if Rin was depressed (which I’m not sure he was), it’s not unreasonable for fans to have a problem with the way he behaved. Nobody is criticising Rin just for being sad. Nobody is saying that Rin hasn’t had a hard life, and gone through more than a young person should probably go through, but a hard life is not an excuse to treat other people badly.

Rin’s struggle to deal with what he considered to be his role in his father’s death and to accept his dream vs his father’s dream does not give him the right to pitch a several-year fit because Haruka happens to be more naturally talented at swimming than him, or threaten other people because the world won’t give him what he wants. Rin’s feelings are not the only, or most, important ones.

Do you know who else’s father died? Gou. Gou has had to struggle through a hell of a lot, too. But Gou has not threatened anyone, Gou has not decided it’s her responsibility to carry on her father’s dream and then had a tantrum when that turned out to be difficult, Gou has not cut herself off from everyone and sulked instead of talking to her friends about her problems.

Life can be tough, yes, but I think that trying to argue that there was nothing wrong with Rin’s way of dealing with his problems is just incorrect. Nobody should use “my life is hard” as a get-out-of-being-a-douchebag-free card.

I feel like posts defending characters would be a lot more effective if there wasn’t always a section complaining about fandom treatment of another character for no reason. “Don’t hate Rin, hate Makoto!” is not a convincing argument.

Stop overreacting to people disagreeing with your favourite character’s actions. You might think that what Rin went through justifies the way he behaved in S1, but for some people his actions were inexcusable. Pointing out that he’s had a hard childhood won’t change their opinion.

ohhhhhkay here we go. 

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Rin is so angelic no matter what 


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Stop hating on characters for being justifiably disturbed upset or scared given their situation 2k14

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i’m so sorry


i’m so sorry